Bespoke Wellness Holidays

First of all, what are wellness holidays?

These holidays address ailments in your physical body or mental health via various treatments and techniques that can heal your body. Typically taking place in serene, natural environments, yoga retreats in Thailand can be a boon to your body and mind.
Alive Wellness Retreats bring you bespoke wellness holidays where you focus on your wellbeing journey at your own time and pace. There are different programs in Alive Wellness retreats that focus on fitness, weight loss, detox, lifestyle medical treatments and more. The flexibility that comes with bespoke wellness holidays enables you to truly focus on yourself with the kind of friends or family that you want to be around too.

How To Choose

There are three kinds of packages from which you can choose from. However, these packages are just to give a broad idea of the services we offer. If you want an even more personalized retreat, simply let us know your desires and needs!


This package will focus on your mental well-being. Daily meditation sessions, sound baths, Chakra healing – all the activities will nurture your soul from the core. Additionally, you also opt for luxury accommodation in the villa, yoga sessions, personalized meal plans and spa treatments.


If you are looking to truly immerse yourself in medical treatments or rehab along with rejuvenating yourself, this is the package for you. Here the focus will be on beauty or medical treatments of your choice along with physical and mental well-being. You can also opt for meal plans and accommodations of your choice.
For a fully personalized experience, you can design your packages as well where our in-house experts will help you on your journey to physical and mental well-being. Leave all the details to us, while you float away to serenity! Design your own package here.
If you are hustling hard and working 5 days a week(or more!), you can at some point feel yourself burning out. Burnout can manifest itself in the form of physical ailments such as back pain, neck pain, digestive issues, insomnia, skin issues and anxiety. If you find yourself suffering from one or more ailments…it’s time for a wellness retreat!


This package is for people who want to be active during their holidays. For people who are into sports or yoga or even if you just want to get your body moving – this package is for you! and want to get their body moving. Here the focus will be on yoga, fitness, or other sports activities that might interest you. You will be able to stay active while also connecting with the nature around you at the same time. Apart from this, you can also opt for body treatments or spa treatments along with accommodation in a luxury villa. You can also choose to indulge in nutrition workshops, cooking classes to keep your body fit.

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